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The Miracle of Stem Cell Reactivation

After age 60, the stem cells in our bodies are depleted

Stem cells are the foundation of good health. Depletion of stem cells renders our bodies defenseless against all kinds of attacks due to low immunity and reduced ability to recover.

This photo of a growth on my hand was taken on 18 October 2023. It was a month after I had started to reactivate the stem cells in my body using Lifewave phototherapy stickers when, for the first time, I realized that the growth was getting smaller. Consequently, when the photo was taken, the growth was already smaller than when I started the treatment a month before.

This second photo was taken a few months later on 7 February, 2024 using the same camera. We tried to simulate the same light and conditions as for the first one. It is also significant to mention that I had stopped using the stickers in mid-December and only began to use them again at the beginning of February 2024. It is very clear that there is a strong residual effect long after treatment is interrupted.

Beforehand, the growth had gradually been growing larger over a period of several years and resisted treatment. My doctor recommended that I should have it surgically removed.

When I took the second photo and was able to compare the two I realized what a difference had occurred. The growth had almost disappeared! it was also no longer sensitive to the touch at all.

Notice the difference, not only in the size of the growth, but also in skin texture. The pale skin gained color. Even the spots in the skin around the area are much less noticeable. Now I wonder, if the visible difference on the surface is so great in such a short time, what is happening inside my body? At eighty years of age, this is remarkable. I also feel good, as if something positive is happening.

The treatment is very easy. A round sticker is placed in an inconspicuous place on your body every day and removed after 12 hours. That’s it!

Here’s how it works: the skin emits infrared. Patches containing organic nanocrystals change the wavelength of the light and energy emitted by the body. It returns to the body where it can revive stem cells and in so doing promote immunity and healing, stimulate rejuvenation and fight disease. Visible external phenomena of gray hair growing back to black, skin spots and wrinkles disappearing and wounds that heal quickly testify to what can also happen inside your body: you are getting younger from the inside.

Degenerative conditions such as dementia are increasingly becoming a problem, but invigorated stem cells can also improve brain function and help to reverse conditions.

Testimonials are pouring in, e.g. a woman forgets she no longer has a car or cheque book. After several weeks of LifeWave treatment, she remembers her car and cheque book.

Muscle spasms and pain sometimes disappear within seconds.
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Doctors cannot cure anything
It has never happened in the history of the world that a doctor has cured anyone of anything. The immune system of man heals; that’s all that can heal.

  • Freely translated from a quote by Bob Wright, founder of the USA Anti Cancer Institute


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