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My search for better ways to improve wellness and quality of life has led me along interesting paths since 1988.

While always aware of the basic necessity to eat as healthy and balanced as possible, the reality of denourished vegetables and fruit led us to an ongoing search for the best ways and means to find the scarce but essention trace elements. We began by growing our own micronutrient-rich wheatgrass in soil fortified with rock dust.

In 1993 we were introduced to the well-researched Sportron range of products and more recently those of Mannatech and the amazing stem cell reactivating Lifewave stickers.

As the quest continues, we invite inputs from bloggers far and wide, inviting you to join us in our mission to identify and side step the ever-increasing attempts by unscrupulous operators to make a quick buck out of those seeking better quality of life.

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We enjoy the interesting journey of discovery that is found by assisting those who seek answers on health issues.

This is done via lifestyle analyses and consultation with other natural wellness practitioners to identify systems of the body that need support or areas that need to be addressed, e.g. diet, exercise, emotional issues, etc.

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About me

I am an 80+ great-grandpa who enjoys lawn bowls, rock and surf fishing, pottering and fixing things.


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I am Jan, a blogger based in Warmbaths, South Africa blogging about minimalism and simplicity in health and wellness.

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Minimized simplicity

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Minimized simplicity

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